Some Hard/Mild Wiki Race Starts

Belle Delphine - Difficult but not impossible
Dab (dance) - Almost impossible.
Bongbong Marcos - Only accessible from a certain dictator.
Mystery Seeker - Very, very hard to find. Found by pixar1995 on 12/10/19, Brotato The Great on 8/24/20, and WIKI Wizard of Wales on 04/23/21
Charlotte Dacre - Several links, but they're almost all years.
Goderich Airport - Nearly impossible, requires either going completely off topic, or using some mad wiki geography skills, scanning across Ontario.
Mashimaro - Very hard to find.
Mother insult - Almost impossible.
Communism - Have to bounce around between various pages to find.
Keyhole - Difficult, not linked to by anything obvious.
Utility pole - Has almost no links to it but it is possible.
Preparation H - Very hard
Hot Pockets - Very hard.
IAR Systems - Nearly impossible, as there are nearly no links to it.
bananaman - Extremely hard.
Leawarra railway station, Melbourne - Nearly impossible
Fu Manchu - Not impossible, but very difficult without using back arrows.
flip flop - Not impossible, but very difficult.
OtterBox - Not impossible, but obvious leads don't pan out
bingo - Not easy, but is possible for experts.
Bread crumb - Not impossible, but very hard.
Daniel L. Smith-Christopher - Most of the obvious leads don't seem to work, but it is possible.
Altoids - Average time: 5 minutes.
Gurn - At least 12 links known, extremely tough.
Ingrown nail - Very difficult, many disgusting images.
Tinder - Almost impossible.
Doorbell - Very difficult
S'well - Has very few usable links.
TLR10 - Extremely difficult.
Wikipedia:Wikirace - Has only been documented thirteen times, by Neatski, Glm705, One in a Zillion, 4thfounder, ThatGuy, New Shifter, kidneys3, Elitemagikarp, Maxio68, STAPVARS, Pixar1995, Reagan Whitenack, and Brotato The Great
Home Depot - Mildly difficult.
Hello Kitty - Believed to be difficult, but an easy route for experts.
Topit - Nearly impossible, only two links known (including the Wikipedia:Wikirace)
Kittredge (name) - Practically impossible, there is only one link to this page. It is in the "See Also" section of "Kittridge", which is also a page with only 1 link to it.
Touhou Project - Mildly difficult as the only links are within Japan.
SCP Foundation - Only a few links work.
Newton's cradle - Harder than you think; many obvious first steps require additional creativity to reach the conclusion.
Timeline of historical geopolitical changes - Even the most intuitive routes take time.
Revolution - Many different links.
Pi Day - The March 14th holiday.
Spork - You know what it is, but how easy is it to reach?
Piggy bank - A few different creative ways to reach this one.
Count Dracula
Post-it Note - Requires significant critical thinking.
Wallet - Surprisingly challenging, many obvious pages will not work.