How to play

Basic Rules

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Depending on who you play with ctr+f may not be allowed

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Wiki Golf Rules

For Wiki Golf, AkA '5 clicks to jesus' is a form of Wiki Racing in which you need to get to the Jesus wiki page. To play, start by going to wikigolf. Once there it should automaticly open a random wiki page. Just try to get to Jesus in under 5 clicks. The reason it is called wiki golf is because the scoring mimicks golf. If you reach the Jesus wiki page in 5 clicks, you get a par or a 0. If you reach the Jesus wiki in 4 clicks, you get a birdie, or -1. If you reach the Jesus Wiki in 6 moves, you get a bogey, or +1. The lower your score the better.

Timed Rules

Timed is one of the easiest ones to start on. To start first pick your end page. This is the page you are trying to reach. To get this "end goal" you can do 1 of 3 things. 1, you can pick one yourself. 2, you can go to here to pick a hard/medium start, or 3, click on "End Page" when you are prompted on the rules when clicking timed. After that, try to get to your end page as fast as possible!

Fewest Clicks

Same rules as Timed! The only difference is instead of your score being how long it took you, its how many links you click. Good luck!